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Speedy Tables will continue for most of the class this term.  Just to remind you, they have 4 minutes to answer as many questions as they can.  There are 72 on the sheet but they only need to score 40 or more correctly to move on to the next set. 


We cover the times tables in this order:

x10, x5, x2, then Mixed x10/x5/x2

x4, x8, then Mixed x2/x4/x8

x3, x6, x9, then Mixed x3/x6/x9

x7, x11, x12, then All Mixed


The mixed sheets are there to revisit previous facts to save forgetting them.

If they finish all of these before the end of the year, they work through them again using the inverse, i.e. they answer them as divisions (in the same order).

Those who are not being tested play a maths game with an adult while they are waiting.


Speedy Tables Practise at Home

If you need some practise ideas, the following two sites are available for free online:


1. Hit The Button (see: )

This maths site is designed for 6-11 year olds to help practise number skills, such as number bonds, multiplication and division facts.  Choose from the menu what it is you want to play, and everything is played against the clock.  Lots of fun and a quick way to rehearse number facts.


2. Times Tables Quiz Generator (see )

This is a small part of a very useful site to practise maths skills online or to print off and keep. Scroll down to under the photo of the workbook and you can choose which times tables you want to practise and how many you want to do.  You can print off the sheet or answer online (move up the page to find the link for this option). 


PLEASE NOTE: This site generates the facts randomly and, when it does so, it turns some of the facts around, so you could get 6 x 8= or 8 x 6=.  This sometimes throws the children as they don't always remember that this gives the same answer!  A gentle reminder may be necessary smiley.  You may be able to switch this off but I haven't worked that out yet!


This site has lots more useful resources (like flashcards and worksheets) you can print out to help with times tables, so have a good look around.  If you don't have a printer but know there is something you would like, note it down and send me an email via the office.  I'm happy to print a few things to send home, if needed.


A third site is not free but has some great information for parents and carers:


3. The School Run (see

The School Run is a huge site with lots of useful information for each year group across the whole curriculum.  You can look at most things for free, but if you want the resources you will have to pay.  However, you can see and read a lot of useful tips for free so it is worth having a look at.  It also provides information about the national Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check that the children will need to take next year.