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The Geography learning journey at Medstead Primary School ignites a curiosity and fascination within the children that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Our teaching equips children with knowledge and understanding of natural and human environments in the UK, Europe and the wider world. We teach about diverse places and people, historic change and current geographical issues.

Geography begins in Early Years as the children discover the school and their location within it. Their child-led play takes place in our extensive school grounds and the children attend forest school in the woodland. Their hands on experiences help them to appreciate the environment and wildlife and they use this to drive environmental learning. Throughout Key Stage 1, the children continue to learn about their own country through studies of London and begin to look at comparative countries and geographical areas such as Antarctica and Africa.

The curriculum ensures that our older children continue to investigate their local area and environment through enquiry-based projects, whilst comparing this to other countries and cultures such as Scandinavia and the Brazilian rainforests. Our key questions cover aspects of geographical change and are linked to historic themes such as settlement, environmental pollution, industrial revolutions and changing world economics when relevant.

As the learning journey continues, we encourage children to use geographical vocabulary and their enquiring minds to ask questions as they explore the physical and human world around them. 

Whenever possible, we immerse the children in their geographical learning through visits, enquiries and first hand experiences. We use a range of resources including primary sources, maps, online resources and virtual experiences.