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As you have probably already seen, most of the class are now taking part in weekly times tables tests known as 'Speedy Tables'.  The test takes place on Wednesday mornings during Maths.  They have all completed their x10 tables and are working on x5, x2 or mixed x10/x5/x2. 


When they have finished these, they will complete x4, x8, mixed x2/x4/x8.  Then it will be x3, x6, x9, mixed x3/x6/x9.  Finally they cover x7, x11, x12, and finally end with an all-mixed Speedy Tables sheet.  As you can see, we use maths patterns to help with recall rather than following in number order.  We also revisit certain facts as we go along.  Over the years this has proved very successful.  


During the test they are given 4 minutes to solve as many of the facts as possible.  There are 72 on the page, but they only need to complete 40 or more correctly to move on to the next set.  However, if they have left all of the same facts out (such as all of the x7 or x12 questions!), they will need to repeat the test just to show they really do know all of the facts.


Speedy Tables continues across the whole year.  If they finish all the multiplying facts (up to 12x12), they do them all again but as division facts.  If they complete all of those, they move on to fraction facts!


Some of the class are not ready for fast multiplication fact tests, so they play maths fact games while we are testing.  They can join in with learning their times tables as and when they are ready.


I would recommend Top Marks 'Hit the Button' games for timed number bonds and tables activities.  This can be played on a range of platforms and is totally free.  See for more info.  If you prefer paper-and-pencil versions, create your own sheets using  These generate any multiplication or division fact tests you may need.  You can print off unlimited pages or complete them online. See for more info.


Please do ask if you have any more questions.

Mrs Bennett