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This page will provide a brief overview of daily life in our class, key information and regular photographs of our learning. Home learning is also uploaded here.

Home Learning

30th September 2022

Task: Reading


 Please read lots of books at home and talk about them with your child. Encourage them to join in with repeated parts of the story such as ‘Not I!” in ‘The Little Red Hen.’  The children have all brought a library book to share and enjoy with you. This is their ‘reading for pleasure’ book. Please record these in their reading diaries along with any other stories you share and talk about. Please put the library book in their book bag so they can change them next week. 



Task: Phonics


This week we have learnt about the letters i, n, p, g, o and the sounds they make. Children have brought home a set of letter cards. Please cut them up and use them to play games such as pairs (Lay all the cards face down and turn over two at a time. If they are the same, keep them. If they are not, turn them back over and the next player takes their turn) or hide them around the room, you say a sound and the children have to hunt for the correct letter to represent this. We will add to these over the weeks as we learn more letters. Please practise these as often as possible. The n sound is a long stretchy sound and i, g, o and p are short bouncy sounds. (Please make sure your child is not saying ‘pu’ and ‘gu.’ If you are not sure of the correct pronunciation please come and ask.)


Task: Sorting


This week we have been sorting objects according to colour, shape or size. We read a story called ‘Simon’s Sock.’  Can you ask your child to help pair up the socks in your house? Talk about the different colours and patterns on the socks. Have fun!


Challenge Choice


This will be added later in the term after the launch of the Tapestry Online Learning Journal.




If you have any questions or want any help, with the Home Learning, please come and chat to a member of the Oak Class Team. Doing these activities at home really supports the learning we do in class. The more you can practise the letter sounds in fun, exciting ways the easier your child will find learning to read.  Thank you.



Curriculum Presentation

This will be uploaded following the Autumn Term curriculum presentation.