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Modern Foreign Languages

At Medstead School, pupils learn French as a Modern Foreign Language. In line with the National Curriculum, we teach the appropriate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the context of everyday culture. Throughout the year, we bring the French language to life by offering pupils many memorable unique events: our annual French Café, French baking workshops and French Days are planned to enhance pupils’ learning and to create opportunities to celebrate distinct cultural experiences, traditions, and lifestyles. 

For our youngest children in reception to the oldest in Year 6, lessons are interactive and often use technology to enhance learning. Children are involved in projects and enquiries and work alongside peers to develop their understanding and use of French. 

We believe that a high-quality language education is to inspire pupils to become curious about the World and in time, to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures. It will also provide foundations for learning other languages in further education and open pupils to opportunities of living and working in another country and to become outstanding global citizens.