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Each week the children are expected to read their school reading book, learn their weekly spellings and complete the set Mathletics activity.  They can then choose to complete an activity from their Home Learning Grid, which needs to go in their Home Learning book.

Please find below the song words for our Christingle service (Thank You for the World) and the Class Prayer.  They have been given paper copies of both of these, but they are here in case they cannot be found!


Christingle information for Parents:


***WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS NOW CANCELLED*** due to mix-up with hall booking.  Please could they bring their grapefruit and sweets into school on Tuesday or Wednesday as we will now be making them in class. We will then see you in church!


Christingle Workshop

Please bring the following items for the workshop:


1 large grapefruit - this is instead of an orange as our candles are too big for oranges. You should be able to find orange-coloured grapefruits. Please make sure the grapefruit can sit flat, so it doesn't roll over once decorated! Write your child’s name near the top (not on the bottom) with a Sharpie to save time, if possible.


1 pack of small sweets (mini-marshmallows, Haribo or dolly mixtures are ideal) OR a small box of raisins. They only need 12-14 small sweets/fruits per Christingle.


We will provide the red tape, the cocktail sticks and the candles. Our candles are child-friendly, battery-powered LED candles for safety reasons, so there are no real flames involved.


PLEASE NOTE: Those children who don't have an adult coming to the workshop will still need to bring in their own grapefruit and sweets on the morning so they have something to decorate and use in the Worship.



Half Term Fun Activity

Here's a fun activity that could keep you amused for a while, especially if the weather is rubbish!  It is not compulsory, just there in case you have a spare hour or so.  Please bring them in when you are finished so we can enjoy a tribe of woolly mammoths on the window sill. Happy crafting!

Home Learning - Note to Parents and Maple Class Children - 15th September 2023

Home Learning

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