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Terrific Trees! 

Today we are going to be learning about trees. Trees are so important. They give us oxygen which we need to survive and they provide homes for wildlife. Can you think of any animals which need trees to survive? 


Watch this video below. What do we call a tree which loses its leaves? What do we call a tree which keeps its leaves? 



Are trees the same all year round?


You could split these across 2 days. 


1. Go on a tree hunt. Look carefully at each branch. Use the checklist to help you to identify what tree it might be. 


2. Collect twigs and leaves which have fallen from the trees. You may also want to photograph some trees. Use the twigs to make either an evergreen or a deciduous tree. You might want to use cotton wool buds or your finger to make it into a snowy scene. There is a picture below to give you some ideas.