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Hi Larch Class 

Here is your Science learning for this week. 
Please upload a minimum of 1 piece of work or a photo to Tapestry. 

Have fun! 

Mrs Rawles 


Fruit or vegetable? 
Today we are going to be learning about the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. 

1. Look at the 'Fruit or Vegetable' pictures and say whether you think they are a fruit or a vegetable. 


2. Some food items we might think are vegetables are actually fruits. How can you tell which is which?  Explain that the fruit is the part of a plant that contains seeds.


3. What fruit and vegetables have you got in your house? Collect a few different fruits and vegetables and lay them out on the table. Can you say which is which? 


4. Handle each fruit and vegetable and see if you can answer these questions as part of a discussion:

- What is it called? 

- What does it feel like (texture)?

- What might we need to do before eating it? 

- What will it look like if we peel or cut it in half? 

- Does it grow in the ground or on a tree? 


5. Cut each fruit and vegetable in half. Answer these questions as part of a discussion:

- Which parts do we eat? 

- Does it have any seeds? Where are they? Estimate how many seeds there are. 

- Is the texture different inside? How? 

- What does it taste like? 

*If you have got a magnifying glass, take a closer look.....


6. Complete the 'Fruits and vegetables' chart.

Here are some ideas:

smooth, bumpy, hard, soft, waxy, rough

tasty, sweet, mild, sugary, tangy, sharp 

Please save a piece of fruit or vegetable for your art learning this week.