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In class we will continue with Speedy Tables weekly tests, even though we have moved on from multiplication and division as a maths unit.  The weekly test consists of a grid of 72 questions.  They get 3 minutes to answer as many as possible, and can move on to the next set if they score 40 or more correctly.  The order in which we cover the facts is: x10, x5, x2, mixed x10/x5/x2, then x4, x8, mixed x2/x4/x8, then x3, x6, x9, mixed x3/x6/x9, then x7, x11, x12, and finally all mixed! Once finished, we cover them all again as division facts following the same pattern.  


Please continue to play some games to speed up recall of these facts.  One popular website is which is a free site for maths games, especially quick-fire times tables facts. To print your own sheets see: