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The Northern Lights 

  • This week we are going to be learning about The Northern Lights. 
  • The Northern Lights are beams of green, red, purple and blue lights in the night sky. They are also know as Aurora Borealis. Aurora was a Roman Goddess who lived a very long time ago. 
  • The Northern Lights can be seen close to the Arctic Circle. You might see them in Canada, Sweden or Iceland. Sometimes they can even be seen in Scotland. It must be a clear night sky to see the lights with no clouds. 


1. Watch this video of The Northern Lights. It is a time lapse which means that lots of photographs have been put together to make a video. 


2. How does it make you feel? 


3. Use chalk or oil pastels to create a picture. You may want to cut out some mountain shapes to bring the scene to life. You could use black paper or masking tape. Look at the video to see what shapes the lights make in the sky. Try using the flat edge as well as the tip of your chalk or pastel to create different effects. Use your finger to gently blend the colours together. 


Here are some examples to give you some ideas: 





Northern lights